Get Week Challenge Weeks 3 and 4 Digging In

Well hello again, sorry for the missed entries. That was a combo of out of town family and writer's block.

In effort to fulfill the challenge of fitting in an extra workout (or two), I have been using this video for Yoga.

I like to practice after I put Miles to sleep. I have tried to involve him, and he loves to fold right in half and put his head on the floor (he obtained this level of flexibility from having his stiff fiberglass pirate broken leg for a month). However, my goal is to really focus on how my body feels through each breath and that is difficult while simultaneously entertaining and wrangling a 1 year old. I have always loved the idea of doing yoga but have struggled with focusing on such a slow and mindful process because my brain is usually going a hundred miles an hour with a slew of random thoughts and creative ideas (18-25 Hz to be more accurate...that’s the brain geek in me talking. If you ever want to know something about how the brain works come ask me, I was quite the neuropsychology whiz in my grad school days). Yoga is still difficult but it has recently become much easier for me to focus on since I have been attending neurofeedback therapy for four month.

This past week I chickened out on the Jack Quinn’s run because I thought it was going to be raining the whole time. Instead I went home and cranked out a Crossfit workout of 45 squats, 50 pushups, 50 jump squats, and a hundred burpees (some were modified) in 17:07 to compensate. Holy cow was I sore on Wednesday but I learned that I can do it and I learned to push myself harder (after all, that’s how/when we really start to see results right?).

On another note, I have also learned that I have a great deal more energy to put into my workout at Stroller Strides class when I have a protein shake for breakfast instead of something with starch in it…. this may be a no brainer to some of you but my background is in brains not nutrition so I’m pretty excited about this revelation. My weight has not changed, if anything it went up a few pounds at the last weigh-in. However I am trying not to be disappointed and focusing on being more concerned with how I feel and how my clothes fit.

How do you involve your kiddos in your workouts/yoga at home? (Miles really likes when I squat and then lift him to the ceiling). What challenges you? Until next week! -Janet Soto

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