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Mom of the Month Februrary 2016

Meet Colorado native Jacilyn. Momma to Izabella and Jase.

How long have you lived in Colorado and where are you from originally?

I have always lived in Colorado. I was born in Salida and moved to Manitou when I was 4.

What is your favorite "mom time" of the day?

First thing in the morning. My kids are happy and its a fresh start from whatever was happening the day before.

What do you like about Stroller Strides?

It is the only place where I can get a great workout without worrying about childcare!

What is your favorite exercise?

Burpees... It's true!! They hurt so good.

What was your previous or current career?

I am kindergarten teacher. Always have been and hopefully always will be. I don't believe there is any better way to get paid!!

What is your proudest mommy moment so far?

Whenever my daughter uses her perfect manners without being prompted.

Where is the farthest place you have traveled?

Wollongong, Australia

What would your husband say is your best quality?

I asked him and he said "compromise" probably because he gets whatever he wants!

What is your favorite thing to do in the Springs?

Things I could probably do anywhere. I love gardening and taking my kids fun places: parks, pools, easy hikes.

What is one thing we do not know about you?

The first time I met my husband, he asked me to dance, I said no and he ended up dating my best friend for the next 5 years! Ha!

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