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Resolution Success

Make Your Resolution Stick!

2015 is underway and if you’re like most you probably made a resolution or two. How are you doing so far? Have you abandoned them, vowing to do better next year or are you still chugging away like the Little Engine that Could? Well good news to those who haven’t kept theirs…you can start over! No one said you couldn’t start over, so how ‘bout it? Try using some of the tips below for better success. For those Little Engines that Could, check out the list below and make sure you’re still on the right track.

  1. Write down your goal(s)

    You are more likely to keep your goals if you’ve written them down. Take a second right now and jot them down! I can’t tell you how many goals I’ve had that I “forgot” to write down, and guess how many I met. None.

  2. Be realistic

    If you’ve made a very ambitious resolution (run your first marathon when you haven’t done your first 5k, for example) consider making smaller goals that will help you get to your big goal. The goal of running a marathon could be very daunting if you’re just getting into running. To keep yourself on track set mini goals, like finding a couch to 5k program, running a 5k, 10k, and or half marathon. Each time you meet a mini goal you’ll get a confidence boost while working your way to your ultimate goal.

  3. Keep them handy

    Now that you’ve written your resolution down don’t put it under that stack of mail on the counter or within reach of the kiddos and watch as they “accidently” feed it to the dog. It needs to be posted somewhere visible. Consider putting is somewhere you’ll see it numerous times each day – the fridge, bathroom mirror, closet door. Hey, did you know a dry erase marker can be used to write on mirrors?! Try writing your goal there! When you meet it just clean it off with window cleaner.

  4. Set real timelines and log your progress

    Set a goal to analyze your progress every so often, maybe every four or six weeks. Choose a time based on your goal. Whether you use a journal or a cute printable you found on Pinterest, keeping a log of how you’ve progressed is going to be a great reference. This will help you see how you have been doing. Still on the right track? Hooray, enjoy the small victory! Did you get off course? Find out what happened, make any necessary changes and get back at it. It’s much easier to get back on track after, say four weeks than 12 months, right?

  5. Recruit a friend

    Do you and a friend have similar goals? Keep each other accountable. Neither one of you will want to be the one to admit they weren’t carrying their weight. Having someone to share in the highs (and lows) will make the end result so much sweeter.

  6. Acknowledge your success

    If you’ve had small victories or you’ve accomplished the ultimate goal be proud! You have worked your butt off now take a second to enjoy the top.

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